Which Commercial Security Camera is Best for Your Business?

Which Commercial Security Camera is Best for Your Business?

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Business owners in Toronto and Mississauga are lucky to have an incredible array of commercial security systems at their disposal. One of the most important security systems to consider is a network of commercial security cameras. Security companies in Toronto offer a wide range of security camera options, which can be confusing for the average business owner to navigate.

Lynden Security Systems Inc. is one of the top security companies in Toronto, and our team has provided a few important details that you should know about each type of commercial security camera that we offer.

Commercial Security Camera Systems Offered in Mississauga and Toronto

  • Dome cameras

Dome cameras are one of the most popular commercial security systems and can be installed on a ceiling or wall. Some are able to provide a 360° view of your business. The dome cameras available at Lynden Security Systems offer infrared night vision for 24/7 security. Paired with a reliable commercial alarm system, these cameras are a great option for all business types.

  • Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are a simple security option that can be installed on the interior or exterior of a building. These cameras are relatively inexpensive and can be adjusted to capture a specific angle of your property. Infrared bullet cameras are available to support night vision.

  • Internet protocol cameras

Internet protocol cameras feature high definition footage and advanced technology that allows business owners to connect their cameras to a DVR or NVR system. IP cameras are more expensive than analog cameras, however, they can easily be integrated into an existing network of analog cameras. These cameras are ideal for businesses that house highly valuable goods and may require high definition footage to identify a perpetrator.

  • Covert cameras

Many businesses in Mississauga and Toronto require hidden commercial security systems that are not easy to detect. Lynden Security offers covert cameras in a variety of different models to suit various commercial spaces. These cameras are perfect for commercial spaces that require a high level of security such as government-operated buildings. High-security buildings should implement multiple commercial security systems including access control and GPS tracking.

  • Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras

PTZ cameras are commonly used outdoors. The angle, which these cameras capture can be automatically or manually adjusted through a computer system.

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