Toronto Home Security Systems: Why Summer Is a Great Time to Invest

Toronto Home Security Systems: Why Summer Is a Great Time to Invest

Protecting your home isn’t just about your possessions, it’s also about providing you with peace of mind and letting you rid yourself of worries while you’re inside and outside of your home. Now that summer is just around the corner, so is peak burglary season, making it a better time than ever to invest in Toronto home security systems. Our experts at Lynden Security. explore their benefits in our article below.


Quality burglary systems not only notify you when potential robberies are taking place, they also let you know of other conditions such as fires, water levels, high and low temperatures and hydro interruptions, making them great tools for maintaining the safety of your home.


For those with monitoring services, make sure to let your alarm company know when you’re going on vacation. Provide them with other contacts to call in the case of an alarm signal and ensure that these contacts have the following information:

  • Alarm ID
  • Monitoring station phone number
  • Disarming code

Remote Access

Our wide variety of security systems offer many new technologies, some of which come with remote access options. How does this work? Simply accessing an app on your smartphone will allow you to control your alarm and view the conditions of your home. These systems work great in today’s technology-oriented world and give you full control over your alarm system on-the-go.


Investing in a security system that has a camera is a great choice, especially when used in conjunction with products that have the remote access capabilities discussed above. This gives you complete control over your system, as well as the ability to get a view of your home to check if any intruders are present or if you’ve experienced a false alarm. Furthermore, monitored alarm systems allow you to verify what is happening before notifying the police, giving you the opportunity to get a description of the illegal activity and increase the chances of the police catching the suspects.

Lynden Security has been providing reliable Toronto home security systems since 1979.  If you have an existing system that needs some upgrading, or you require a new one, give us a call at 1-877-459-6336 for a no-obligation estimate.  Our staff has a comprehensive range of experience that gives them the skills necessary to service old and new systems.