Things to consider when you shop for a Security Alarm System in Toronto – Part 1

Things to consider when you shop for a Security Alarm System in Toronto – Part 1

Keeping your family and business safe comes with a multitude of options to choose from. The wide selection of equipment used in security alarm systems in Toronto can be overwhelming if you do not know what you need – not to mention the service options offered by security monitoring companies such as Lynden Security Systems Inc. Before you dive into contracts and monitoring services, you need to figure out which type of equipment fits your lifestyle and budget. Here are a few things to consider while shopping for your new security system.

Monitored or Not

The first thing you need to think about while shopping for security alarm systems in Toronto is whether your budget and lifestyle warrants the use of a monitored system. A non-monitored system does not report back to the installation company in the event of a breach. Instead, it sounds an alarm to alert you of a possible break in while frightening the culprit away.

A monitored system, however, reports the breach back to the system’s monitoring center as well as sounding an alarm for the homeowners. They then contact you and the police to investigate the cause. Monitored systems offer a quicker response time than their non-monitored counterparts, but require a monthly fee.

Detection of Events

While looking into the different security alarm systems in Toronto, you also need to consider what type of events you want to know about. Depending on your equipment and service contract, you have the option to be alerted to:

  • Fire
  • CO Levels
  • Water Levels
  • Temperature Extremes
  • Activity Details

Some equipment can even be programmed around your pets’ movements to avoid false alerts. Each of the above options potentially carries their own additional monthly fees depending on the monitoring company and your contract.

Remote or On Site Activation

You have the choice between remote or on site arming and disarming. If you prefer activating your system remotely, you can choose between a fob entry – which allows you to arm or disarm your system via a small remote that would fit on your key ring – or through your smart phone. Using your smart phone also allows you to monitor your system activity through notifications. If your budget or lifestyle doesn’t support remote activation, standard manual disarming is still a secure way to control entry into your home and business.

Hardwired or Wireless

Like most other technologies, security alarm systems in Toronto can either be hardwired into your home or set up wirelessly. Each method offers distinct advantages and disadvantages. A hardwired system, for example, is hooked directly into your homes current electrical system. It requires more labor to install, and can potentially damage walls when the wires are fished through. However, there is less chance of failure from interrupted power. A wireless system, on the other hand, takes less labor to install and can easily move with you, but can be bulky and the equipment costs more.

Continue on to part two to learn more about service options.

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