The Keys to Building a First-Class Surveillance System for Your Mississauga Business

The Keys to Building a First-Class Surveillance System for Your Mississauga Business

The style of commercial surveillance equipment you use for your Mississauga business can play a key role in your company’s security. The best security systems combine four key elements. In this newest guide, our Lynden Security Systems team will explore the elements that you should look for in a security system.

  • Access control

Access control allows you to manage who has access to your facilities and to the devices used within your business. Maintaining strict access control helps prevent issues with employee theft and break-ins. A key benefit of access control is that it limits the number of employees who can potentially interact with sensitive data and important documents. This helps to limit the number of potential suspects when a security lapse occurs.

  • Burglar alarm

Your burglar alarm alert will often be the first sign that there’s a security issue in your business. Without using an effective alarm system, your response to a security problem can be delayed. It’s critical your alarm is used as part of a comprehensive system featuring glass-break detectors, video systems, and motion detectors to support flawless security.

  • Video surveillance

The video surveillance system in place within your Mississauga business can help play a key role in monitoring operations and managing your staff. You will be able to see who enters and leaves your staffing areas and how your staff interacts with visiting clients. A fully-integrated CCTV system is essential to securing the premises against outside threats. Installation teams can add cameras above key areas at the entrance and exit of the property and above cash-handling areas to help mitigate theft.

  • Fire Detection

Beyond threats from those in and around your property, there are natural threats to your business that can be reduced through your security system. Fire detection should be a prominent element within your integrated surveillance equipment. The detection system should be monitored 24/7 by your security service provider and should be connected to your mobile device so you can begin assessing and managing the threat to your organization immediately. Work with your local Mississauga surveillance systems company to optimize the fire detection system for your business.

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