Take Your Security System with You When You Move

Take Your Security System with You When You Move

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Are you planning on moving from your current home to another home in Toronto or the GTA? If you are and currently have a security camera and/or alarm system installed in your home, don’t worry, you don’t have to leave it behind. There are already so many costs that come along with moving, buying  new security equipment won’t be one of them. By moving over your existing equipment, the only expense will be installation labor cost.

Aside from not having to buy and install a new security camera and alarm system, here are some other benefits of bringing your existing alarm to your new Toronto home.

No-Hassle During the Move

With all the stress and coordination that goes into a move, it’s surprisingly easy to swap out your system. At Lynden Security Systems we’re like movers, but we specialize in only transporting your alarm system to your new place – sorry, we don’t do fridges and pianos.

You Don’t Have to Learn a New System

If you have a security system that fits all of your needs, you don’t have to worry about replacing it and having to learn a new system or go with a new company. You can enjoy all of the same features in your new home with your same alarm from Lynden Security Systems.

Perfect Time for Add-Ons or Upgrade

Moving your existing system also can be a great time to add or upgrade certain features. If you want security cameras installed in your new home, we can add them. If you are moving into a bigger Toronto home and want home automation added to your existing alarm, let us know and we can work with you to give you the security you want for your new family home.

Also, maybe you think it might be time for a total revamp of your security system? If you do, you can rest assured knowing that our Lynden team will take care of you. And since you’ve trusted us with your old house, you know we only provide the best services and security technology.

Get Security Camera Installation in Toronto with Lynden Security Systems

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