Smartphone App Takes Home Alarm Systems and Security to The Next Level

Smartphone App Takes Home Alarm Systems and Security to The Next Level

Home alarm systems have come a long way and are constantly being enhanced thanks to technological improvements. The latest advancements in home alarm systems include the development of smartphone apps that control your entire alarm system through a single interface. The SecureSmart app, available for free with an IP Datatel wireless communicator installation from Lynden Security Systems Inc., is an easy to use interface which can be used with most existing alarm systems.

The SecureSmart app brings you features, like:

Remote Lighting

Many break-ins occur when a home is visibly empty, and all lights are off within the residence – making the home an easy target. Your SecureSmart app helps you trick thieves into thinking that someone is in your home with remote lighting and appliance controls. Through the app, you can turn on lamps or overhead lights in different parts of the house, and make potential intruders believe the house is occupied.

Lock Access

When you are in a hurry to leave the house, sometimes little things, like locking all of your doors, get overlooked. You may not even realize you forgot to lock the house until you return several hours later. A Datatel Z-Wave Smart Controller integrates with your door locks, and can alert you through the SecureSmart app that doors have been left unlocked. You can use the app to lock the doors remotely and deny easy access to your home.


Nanny cams and on premise cameras are essential parts of modern home alarm systems. While you are away from home, you can gain access to your cameras with the SecureSmart app. With the app, you can confirm break-ins or intruder alerts to the security monitoring system, and also get peace of mind that your kids or pets are safe within you home.

Temperature Controls

When you are at home, you want the temperature to be comfortable; however, changing the temperature a few degrees while you are at work or on vacation can save your family hundreds of dollars on utilities every year. The SecureSmart app allows you to control your thermostat remotely, keeping your home cool when people are in the house and raising the temperature when the air conditioner is unneeded.  With these controls, your home is always comfortable, but you do not overspend on heating and cooling.

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