Should I Chose A Security Company to Install an Alarm or Choose a DIY Option?

Should I Chose A Security Company to Install an Alarm or Choose a DIY Option?

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Should I choose a professional alarm system for my Toronto home, or go with a DIY system?” This is one of the most common security questions asked by homeowners. While these new DIY options may seem like a great way to go, there are several drawbacks when compared to choosing professional security systems and companies.

To help you get the best protection for your home, our security company team in Toronto has put together a quick guide.

  • Experience Matters

When you choose a professional security company in Toronto or Mississauga, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best advice, service, and products you can find. Our team at Lynden Security Systems has been in business since 1979 and can guide you on the residential security options that best suit your home – and which may not be needed or suited for your property/needs.

  • Installation

While many DIY options advertise that they are easy to install, where and how you install a system can have a huge impact on its effectiveness to protect your property. When you choose a professional security system, an authorized technician will walk through your home and discuss the best places to install your security cameras, sensors, etc.

A trained professional can pick out blind spots and other potential security breaches you need to protect.

  • Connectivity & Reliability

One of the biggest drawbacks of DIY home security options is reliability and connectivity. Unlike a professional alarm system that can work off landlines, internet, and backup radio, DIY systems mainly run off Wi-Fi signals. This means that when there is a power outage or your power has been cut, your system is rendered useless and you won’t receive any notifications about potential breaches and break-ins.

With professional home monitoring, you will get 24-hour security solutions and you can also protect your home from CO and natural gas, fire, and even water levels. You can get peace of mind knowing you can monitor and control your own home from the convenience of a mobile device.

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