Security Alarm Systems for Businesses

Security Alarm Systems for Businesses

Three Benefits to Using Integrated Security Alarm Systems for Businesses

Protecting your assets is a vital part of operating a successful business, and steps to protect both physical and intellectual assets should be used throughout the day to day operation of your business.  Lynden Security Systems Inc. has been a family run Canadian business since 1979, and understands the needs of its customers, by offering competitive prices and options for protecting your business. One of the ways you can do this is through the use of integrated security alarm systems for businesses. These systems offer businesses three major benefits over the outdated key entry.

Increased Security After Hours

Integrated security alarm systems include much more protection after hours than the standard systems. As with the regular alarm systems, an integrated system monitors the activity of the property and reports suspicious activity to the monitoring company. However, anyone with the code can enter the building as they please. An integrated system also controls access after hours when access cards and FOBs are programmed to only work during specified time frames; this allows business owners to remove after hours’ access to any and all employees, further protecting the business’s assets.

24/7 Access Control

Not only can integrated security alarm systems for businesses limit after hours’ access, but each access card and FOB can be programmed individually to limit access throughout the premise at all times. These permissions can be updated as needed as employee’s gain additional clearance for access to sensitive information, and can be temporary depending on the business’s needs. Using an integrated system allows businesses to install a single control panel for both the access control and the security system, eliminating the need for additional equipment and reducing system arming steps.

Activity Monitoring

The software that comes with an integrated system allows the business owner to monitor each employees’ movements throughout the day as they move from one part of the building to another. Each time an access card or FOB is presented to a reader within the system, that information is logged in the software, even if that person was denied access. Business owners can also keep track of when each employee enters and leaves the building, allowing for less stress with time keeping. All of this information is available within the software for review without making your employee’s feel overly supervised.

Choosing Lynden Security Systems Inc.

At Lynden Security Systems Inc., they use the Paradox EVO192 control panel for their commercial installations. The heavy duty control panel used with integrated security alarm systems for businesses allows near complete control over the programming of the system. The variety of options helps to tailor the system to each business’s unique security needs.

The expert staff at Lynden Security Systems Inc. take the time to evaluate a customer’s environment and operation to ensure the system they install in the right one for their customers while ensuring competitive prices.

As a family owned business based in Mississauga, Ontario, Lynden Security Systems Inc. proudly serves the Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas. For over 30 years, Lynden Security Systems Inc. has built a reputation as a leading security system installation and servicing expert.

To learn more about how integrated security alarm systems for businesses can help protect your business’s assets, or to request a consultation, please contact the expert staff at Lynden Security Systems Inc. Let their professional staff take the stress out of your security needs.