Know What You Need Before Investing in Home Alarm Systems

Know What You Need Before Investing in Home Alarm Systems

There’s really no reason not to invest in a home security system. Home alarm systems are affordable, non-intrusive, and provide significant security for yourself, your family, and your possessions. In uncertain times, home alarm systems deliver substantial peace of mind along with their more practical benefits.

The real challenge is choosing between the many forms of home security on the market. At Lynden Security Systems, there’s something for every home and every need. If you take time beforehand to ask yourself few questions, you’ll be able to choose more easily and find the perfect home security system for your situation.

Three Factors to Consider Before Investing in New Home Alarm Systems

  1. The Most Important Types of Security

There are a wide range of features and protections available in security systems and, of course, the price scales upward as more protections are added. Think about which features you’d most want to have.  These can include:

  • Basic burglary protection while you’re away.
  • Personal protection from violence on your premises.
  • Tracking and watching activity around your home.
  • Additional camera surveillance.
  • Fire protections.
  • Emergency medical service\response.
  • “Smart Home” integration, such as lighting and thermostats.

All these and more are possible, but may not be truly necessary. Decide ahead of time what you need.

  1. Communication Methods

 Home alarm systems can be monitored using the analog land line on site, cellular connections, or broadband Internet-based connections.  Factor this into your planning. If, for example, you’re thinking of switching to VoIP into the near future, you would need to consider having a system which uses wireless communication, cellular or broadband.   Alarm systems will not communicate reliably over VOIP.

The least costly method of system communication is over a traditional analog land line (phone line).  This is reliable but an exposed phone line may be cut.  Wireless via cellular network is the most reliable communication in that the line of communication cannot be cut.  

  1. Complexity of the System

Naturally, more powerful and comprehensive security systems require more complicated control systems. This can be an issue for families with younger children who may still need to operate the system themselves from time to time. The system shouldn’t be more complex than the least-skilled member of the household can operate.

The big issue is false alarms. In most areas, the police will charge a fee for responding to false alarms, so an overly-complicated system can end up racking up needless extra expenses.

Lynden Security Can Help

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