How Video Surveillance Increases School Safety

How Video Surveillance Increases School Safety

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With all of the recent incidents in the past years involving school security, it’s been pushed into the spotlight. Many parents and administrators have made the security of their child’s academic campus a top priority, resulting in evermore sophisticated video surveillance solutions. Below  Lynden Security Systems Inc. collected some of its most important advantages.

Spotting Trouble Among Students

Having security cameras monitoring certain areas can help minimize and prevent incidents among the students. Fights and bad behavior, although rare, isn’t unheard of in most schools, but having a security camera can help stop incidents before they spread out of control.

Managing Visitors

In larger schools, keeping track of visitors on the premises can be difficult. However, a video surveillance system can make it easier to monitor the movements of those visiting the campus and making sure they don’t enter any areas that are off-limits to non-personnel.


Preventing Vandalism & Break-Ins

Another added benefit of installing strategically-placed security cameras throughout the school grounds is because they can drastically prevent the amount of vandalism that occurs. Pranksters or party animals looking for a place to loiter will think of going elsewhere. Criminals looking for an easy break-in target are more likely to avoid facilities with security cameras as well.


Providing a Visual Record

Whether there’s an incident between students or others on the premises, having a visual record of what occurs can be vital. It can help shed like on issues and provide an accurate account of what may have occurred, even if there were no eyewitnesses. A video recording can be an invaluable tool for identifying potential suspects and prosecuting your case should it go to trial.


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An academic campus can never be too safe. To learn about updating your school’s video surveillance system, contact the team at Lynden Security System Inc. today.