How Security Companies Can Help After a Break-In at Your Toronto Business

How Security Companies Can Help After a Break-In at Your Toronto Business

A break-in can impact your feeling of comfort and safety. Take the time to explore the post-break-in steps so that you can regain your focus after an event on your property. We can help you.

Today, we’re explaining how security companies can protect you after a break-in at your Toronto property.

Take These Steps First

Before speaking with Toronto security companies about protecting your business, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Call the Police

Discuss the break-in with the police. Make the call before you begin to investigate the property as the criminal could still be on the premises.

  • Give the Police Details About the Event

When the police arrive, give them a complete and accurate description of the event. They’ll ask how the intruders entered the property. They’ll also ask you about which valuables have been stolen and when you first noticed the break-in had occurred.

  • Contact Your Insurance Company

Next, you’ll need to contact your insurance company to discuss any missing items as a result of the robbery.

Take pictures of damaged items and record all damaged and stolen property in a document for your insurance company to review.

Now You Can Work with a Security Company to Prevent Future Break-Ins

Take proactive steps now to prevent future break-ins at the property. A security company can help you identify flaws in your current security system and provide guidance about the type of equipment you need to keep the building safe.

For example, security company experts will likely ask you to install security cameras in hidden areas of the property. Blind corners and alleyways behind the building should be monitored for signs of criminal activity. It’s also important you discuss security cameras that can send footage to your cell phone. This will mean you can get instant updates about your building’s security in real-time from your mobile device.

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