Four Ways to Improve Security in Your Retail Location

Four Ways to Improve Security in Your Retail Location

From aggrieved employees to serial shoplifters, retail space owners are constantly at risk of falling victim to theft and burglary. Security companies in Toronto are cracking down on thieves by offering first-rate security systems fit for all retail spaces. There are, however, a few things that you and your staff can do to reduce crime in your store in addition to installing top-notch security technology.

Continue reading for a few great techniques for improving retail loss prevention from the experts at Lynden Security Systems.

Tips for Improving Security in a Retail Setting

  • Implement a commercial access control system

A poorly controlled access system can lead to employee theft and unauthorized access outside of business hours. The commercial access control technology at Lynden Security Systems allows you to oversee who is able to enter the building and at what time. This will clearly identify the culprit in the event of petty theft or robbery by an employee.

  • Install an alarm system

Retail space security can go beyond intrusion and theft. For protection against criminal activity, as well as other threats such as fires, floods, or carbon monoxide leaks, it is essential to have a good alarm system in place. You should choose an integrated alarm system that pairs with your access control technology for a complete package. With Lynden Security Systems’ interactive model, retail space owners can also enjoy smartphone access to their alarm system along with other great features.

  • Greet every customer

One of the most effective ways to prevent shoplifting is to let the culprit know that they are being watched by your employees. By encouraging your staff to approach every customer with a friendly greeting and ask if they need any assistance, thieves may feel uncomfortable proceeding to steal from your shop.

  • Design an open floor plan

It can be difficult for employees to monitor all of the customers in a busy shop if there are plenty of tall shelves, walls or clothing racks obstructing their view. By creating an open space, not only will your employees have a clear view of everyone who walks through the door, but you will be able to install camera systems, which have a near-perfect view of the entire space.

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