Four Safety Tips That Can Help Protect Your Home

Four Safety Tips That Can Help Protect Your Home

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At Lynden Security Systems, we know a thing or two about the best home security cameras, alarms, and solutions for your home. And while nothing can take the place of a professional security system, we wanted to list off a few different and simple ways you can protect your home.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

  • Don’t Hide an Extra Keys

We’ve all used a “hidden key” at some point in our lives. Maybe it was in our family home, or to help your neighbor feed their goldfish while they were away, a hidden key has been a staple of many homes for decades. And while it may seem hidden, it’s not, so never leave an extra key lying around your property. An experienced criminal has seen it all and will find your hiding spot.

  • Bush & Tree Maintenance

While it may seem like an odd safety tip; believe us, it’s not. Would-be thieves will scope out neighborhoods to see which homes are easy to target. If you have lots of shrubs or overgrowth were intruders can hide, try your best to maintain it. The less hiding spots for a robber, the lesser chance your house has of getting broken in to.

  • Lighting

As we mentioned above, would-be robbers don’t like to be seen, so having good outdoor lighting can be a big help. Be sure you have working light bulbs in all of your outside lights, and if you can, invest in some motion sensor lighting (both for your back and front yard).

Also, even if you don’t have sensor lights, you can invest in light sensor bulbs that automatically turn on and off at sunset and sunrise. While they don’t work via motion senor, these bulbs can be an affordable alternative and way of keeping your house safe at night without having to replace your outside light fixtures.

  • Locks Your Windows & Doors

Keeping all of your windows and deadbolts locked is a simple, yet truly effective way of protecting your home. This is especially true during the summer and warmer seasons when people tend to leave windows and doors open for fresh air. At night, always be sure to lock your doors, and when possible, all yourwindows – especially ones on first floors that are easily accessible.

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