FAQ for Security Systems for GTA Homes

FAQ for Security Systems for GTA Homes

  1. Can I arm and disarm the alarm system from my smart phone?

Yes, there are several modules that must be added to an alarm system that will provide that capability.  With the use of an app, you will be able to arm and disarm and view activity all from your phone.


  1. Can I get notification of who is arming and disarming the alarm system?

Yes, there are features that can be added that will allow you to receive an email within several minutes when the system is disarmed and armed and by whom.


  1. I can no longer look at my cameras on my computer or smart phone, what happened?

If the problem is that you cannot get into the viewing software, it could be because you are not using Internet Explorer.  If you are using Windows 10, you may have to enable internet explorer to open the camera software.

If you have changed your router at home, you will need to have the port opened in your new router.  When you changed your router, you lost the port forwarding that enabled remote viewing.


  1. I only have a VOIP phone at my home, can I still have alarm monitoring?

Alarm systems do not report properly or reliably using VOIP.  You would need to have a wireless communicator on your alarm system such as GSM or Uplink.  Wireless communicators use the cellular network or the internet to send signals to the monitoring station.


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