FAQ for GTA Business Security Systems

FAQ for GTA Business Security Systems

FAQ  for GTA  Business  Security  Systems


1              Is there a cost if the police are dispatched to an alarm signal from my system?

All Cities and Regions now have False Alarm Policies in effect.  These have been established in order to help reduce the number of false alarms.  Each Police region has their own policy and most include user fees.   When you had your alarm installed, you will have received information from your alarm company regarding the false alarm policy in effect in your area.


2              Why did the monitoring station not call me when my alarm rang?

Most alarm systems send a signal when you disarm it.  If the alarm rings before you can disarm it but you do disarm it within a minute, the station will not call you as they will see the disarming signal from an authorized user.

In the alternative, it could be just a local sounding of the siren due to the fact that there is no phone service currently connected to the alarm system during an arming period.  If the voltage on the phone line drops or there is an interruption in phone service, and the alarm system is armed, the siren may ring to alert you.  At this time you would also see a “trouble” light on the keypad


3              I don’t have a land telephone-line; can I still have a monitored alarm?

There are wireless communicators that can be added to the system that will provide wireless communication via the internet or by the cellular network.


4              I can no longer view my business Camera System remotely from my smart phone or home computer.

If you have changed your router at the business location, you will need to have the port opened in your new router. When you changed your router, you lost the port forwarding that enabled remote viewing


5              I have a trouble light on my keypad.

Trouble showing on the keypad can mean a number of things such as low battery in the main panel, no telephone service, low battery on a wireless device.  Check your user manual to see how to recall the trouble information.  The user manual will also tell you how to silence the trouble beeping.  On DSC systems, you press *2# to silence the beeping.    Note that you can still arm the system when the trouble light is on.


6            I am not getting the “ready” light on my keypad and I can’t arm the system

This means that there is a zone open on your system.  Check your doors and windows to make sure all are closed.   Your keypad will tell you which zones are open.  Check your user manual for more details.  If the zone is staying open even if the door or window is closed, then you can bypass that open zone and arm the system.  Check your manual for how to bypass an open zone.


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