Security cameras play a vital role in keeping your home safe. These cameras will also give you much-needed peace of mind while making it less likely for criminals to break into your home. Understanding the best locations around your house to place each camera is always an excellent way to maximize security. Lynden Security Systems specializes in security camera installation in Toronto, as we understand the importance of keeping your home secure through this state-of-the-art monitoring
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Are you planning on moving from your current home to another home in Toronto or the GTA? If you are and currently have a security camera and/or alarm system installed in your home, don’t worry, you don’t have to leave it behind. There are already so many costs that come along with moving, buying  new security equipment won’t be one of them. By moving over your existing equipment, the only expense will be installation labor
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How to Protect Your Home from a Break-In

Posted by lyndensecurity-admin on  July 24, 2020

Our team at Lynden Security Systems wants to provide a quick guide to understanding why break-ins happen, and how the best in home security options like alarms and cameras can help protect your property. When Do Break-Ins Happen? While it may come as a surprise to some, break-ins don’t occur most often at night, in fact, it is the daytime in which they are most common. The reason for this is because most individuals will
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At Lynden Security Systems, we know a thing or two about the best home security cameras, alarms, and solutions for your home. And while nothing can take the place of a professional security system, we wanted to list off a few different and simple ways you can protect your home. Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Safe Don’t Hide an Extra Keys We’ve all used a “hidden key” at some point in our lives. Maybe
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“Should I choose a professional alarm system for my Toronto home, or go with a DIY system?” This is one of the most common security questions asked by homeowners. While these new DIY options may seem like a great way to go, there are several drawbacks when compared to choosing professional security systems and companies. To help you get the best protection for your home, our security company team in Toronto has put together a