A Guide to Using Commercial Security Systems During the Holidays

A Guide to Using Commercial Security Systems During the Holidays

It’s the time of the year when most are closing their businesses for a short period to spend time with their families. It’s important at this time to know that your commercial security system is in place and working effectively for the holidays. Our team at Lynden Security Systems has decades of experience in this area, and in our latest post, we’re presenting a guide to using commercial security systems for the holidays.

  • Check Door Locks

The first and simplest process is to make sure that all facility doors are locked and secured. Make sure that wind and other elements won’t open the door while the building is closed for the holidays. And ask that all team members are involved in this security process.

  • Contact Your Alarm Company

Make sure the alarm company controlling your commercial security systems knows you’re going to be closed for the holidays. And ask that they provide you with the process for alarming the building. Make sure that they’re aware that you’ll be away from the building for a short period of time and provide them with your contact information in case of an emergency. Ask that they update you on any events that take place within the building during your time away.

  • Test the Alarm System

Next, you can test your alarm system to ensure it works as you expect it to during your time away from the building. Make sure that the alarm is sent to your devices and find out if there are any communication issues that might impact your building’s security.

  • Check Exterior Lighting

The exterior lighting around your building can help to protect the property against intruders. A well-lit property is harder to break into and makes it appear is if workers are inside. Make sure all exterior lighting systems are functioning as you expect. Remember it’s a good idea to leave some lights on in the property to give the impression of interior activity.

Our trusted team at Lynden Security Systems is here to guide you on the full range of commercial security systems available for the holidays. To discover more about your options, call us today!