A Guide to Preventing Employee Theft in Your Mississauga Business with Security Cameras

A Guide to Preventing Employee Theft in Your Mississauga Business with Security Cameras

Employee theft is a continual security issue for companies across Ontario and beyond. Companies must invest in the latest surveillance equipment to ensure their stores are protected around the clock. To help guide you in choosing the right commercial security camera options for your Mississauga business, our team is taking a closer look at the subject of employee theft.

Install first-class business security cameras

The first step in protecting your business is to install a top-quality surveillance system. Ensure the system records events on the sales floor and in the back rooms, where your staff team meet for their breaks. The utilization of new digital technology is critical in deploying security cameras in your Mississauga business. Digital systems can record footage and transmit footage to your mobile device, ensuring you can quickly review the details from your current location.

Enhance the surveillance system with access control

Access control equipment should be a key part of your surveillance system. Make sure that only authorized team members can access secure areas of the business. For example, the room in which you store your safe should be secured with access control. The access control system will alert you when an employee enters the area and provide you with a historical record for all the dates and times the area was accessed. This can be an important element in investigating employee theft incidents.

Deploy POS technology

In addition to integrating surveillance equipment at your POS areas, make your POS system an element of your security infrastructure. You can, for example, ensure that your cash drawers only open when a transaction is registered, and work with software companies to make sure that transactions are tracked throughout the day. This can help to prevent employees from stealing small amounts from the business over a long period of time.

Work with a Qualified Security Specialist

The security camera installer chosen for your Mississauga business should have decades of experience working with local businesses. They should be able to help you integrate the latest security technology and to help you streamline security work to minimize the additional cost to your organization.

Our team at Lynden Security Systems specializes in installing customized commerical surveillance systems for companies. To learn more about our experience and our technical expertise, please contact us today for a consultation.