A Guide to Achieving Home Security in the GTA for the Holidays

A Guide to Achieving Home Security in the GTA for the Holidays

A Guide to Achieving Home Security in the GTA for the Holidays

It’s the time of the year when thousands of homeowners are considering travel plans to cities across the country and abroad. It’s important to maintain security at home during this important time. Our team at Lynden Security Systems has many years’ experience and we’re highlighting how to achieve home security in the GTA for the holidays.

Make Sure Windows and Doors are Locked

One mistake homeowners often make is leaving windows and doors unlocked when they go away. This is a particular issue when it comes to locking windows, as very few homeowners check this area of their property before they go away. Make sure you complete a perimeter check and ensure that windows and doors are completely locked before your travel away from the home.

Check the Monitoring System

Many homeowners are now using monitoring systems to protect their property. If you have an alarm and monitoring structure, coordinate with your alarm company to make sure that they are receiving a signal from the system before you leave. Ask that your alarm company provide you with detailed reporting on the system and any events in and around the home.

Check Contact Information

For the holidays, ensure your GTA home security company is using the most up to date contact details for your family. Ask that they provide you with clear instructions on the steps to take if an incident takes place in your home.

Ask Neighbours to Pick Up Mail

Make sure that the home looks occupied while you’re away. This means picking up the mail outside the home and setting lights to automatically turn on at specific times of the day. This will limit the chances of an intruder choosing your home to break into during the holidays.

Lynden Security Systems, Inc.

The team here at Lynden Security Systems are here to help you protect your home for the months ahead. Take the time to speak with our specialists and learn more about your full range of home security options for the holidays in the GTA. Our experts are available now to answer your questions and help you build an effective security plan.