7 Simple Safety and Security Alarm Tips for GTA Small Businesses

7 Simple Safety and Security Alarm Tips for GTA Small Businesses

Small businesses, particularly those with smaller staff sizes, have unique security concerns which should be addressed to protect businesses assets and employees. Here are seven simple tips from Lynden Security Systems Inc. to improve the safety and security of your business in the Greater Toronto Area.

  1. Lock the Doors

Even when using business security alarm systems in the GTA, doors should always be locked after hours. Doors should also be secured whenever employees must leave the primary office area unattended.

  1. Invest in a Video Monitoring Doorbell System

Certain small businesses, such as jewelers for example, may greatly benefit from increased security using a video monitoring doorbell system. Employees can see and speak with a potential customer or client before allowing them into the building. 

  1. Keep Belongings in a Safe Space

While it is an excellent idea to have, employees leave unnecessary items at home, it is inevitable that some personal belongings will need to be secured at the work place. Personal belongings, such as purses or other valuables, should have a safe and secure place for employees to store them. However, this area should either have a lock to prevent unauthorized access, or be located where it will not be unattended. 

  1. Develop and Practice an Emergency Plan

Hopefully you will never need to put this plan into action, but not having a plan when an emergency arises can cause countless problems. Small businesses should develop and practice what to do in the following instances:

  • Smoke or fire
  • Injuries
  • Violent Situations 
  1. Keep Spaces Well-Lit

A well-lit building is a deterrent in and of itself since buglers prefer to go about their business unseen. For maximum protection, make sure the parking area, entrance and exit, and walkways are well lit. Businesses located on busy streets should also consider keeping the lights on after hours. 

  1. Invest in a Security Alarm System

Security alarm systems in the GTA provide businesses with total protection. The physical presence of the system can make the building less attractive, while the sound of the alarm will drive trespassers away. When used with a monitoring service, alarm systems will also alert the police.

  1. Upgrade Your System to Include CCTV

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a type of video surveillance that allows business owners to record activity and view real time video of their property. When used with security alarms, CCTV can reduce false alarms and improve response times. 

To learn more ways to improve safety for small businesses, or to request a consultation regarding security alarm systems in the GTA, please contact Lynden Security Systems Inc. today!