6 Pros and Cons of Wireless Business Alarm Systems in the GTA

6 Pros and Cons of Wireless Business Alarm Systems in the GTA

Investing in business alarm systems in the GTA is one of the best things a business owner can do to help protect their assets. A wireless system is just one way to do this. Here are the most common pros and cons of wireless alarm systems for businesses.

The 6 Pros of Wireless Business Alarm Systems

Besides the added security of knowing your business is protected, here are the six biggest benefits to owning a wireless system.

1. Lower Labor Costs – Installing a wireless system takes less labor and lowers costs to install compared to a hardwired system.

2. Less Pre-planning Required – There is no need to install new wiring throughout the building, which makes a wireless system ideal for preexisting structures.

3. Less Damage During Installation – Wireless business alarm systems in the GTA require minimal drilling to install, which makes them great options for leased buildings.

4. Simplifies Renovations – Business owners can easily remove and reinstall the wireless contacts, resulting in easier upgrading of windows and doors.

5. Transportable – Unlike hardwired systems, wireless alarms are easy to take with you when your business relocates, making them valuable assets for those who lease their spaces.

6. Expandable – As your business grows, so does your security needs. A wireless system easily expands to include additional points of entry in the event your building expands as well or you relocate to larger facilities. 

The 6 Cons of Wireless Business Alarm Systems in the GTA

Every type of technology comes with unavoidable drawbacks. Knowing what to expect, however, can prevent costly mistakes.

1. Higher Equipment Costs - While the cost of labor for installation is lower, the technology required for wireless systems tend to run higher than their hardwired counterparts. 

2. Not Completely Wireless – For the system to be completely reliable, there needs to be at least one hard wired connection to the main panel.

3. Some Systems are Vulnerable - Combination panels, that include the main control panel and the keypad are vulnerable during a break in. For best security, the keypad and control panel should be separate. 

4. Potential Interference - With many wireless devices, interference can happen, possibly preventing the alarm system from communicating with the wireless receiver.

5. Metal Surfaces Cause Malfunctions - The metal of some doors and window frames can create a malfunction in the wireless contacts which can close the circuit.

6. Battery Replacement - Business owners will need to factor in battery changes every three to five years to maintain maximum reliability.

Choosing the right business alarm system in the GTA is important for ultimate security. To find out if a wireless alarm system is right for your business, please contact the team at Lynden Security Systems for a consultation today!