5 Ways to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Retail Store

5 Ways to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Retail Store

Retail stores often lose a percentage of their profits to shoplifting and theft. By installing security cameras and implementing the right security systems for your Toronto business, you can prevent shoplifting, and prevent possible theft.


Our security experts at Lynden Security Systems have put together a list of a few ways that you can improve the security in your Toronto business.


Deter Shoplifting with These Tips


  1. Security camera installation


All Toronto businesses can benefit from security camera installation. Cameras will take some of the burden off of your employees to carefully monitor their customers in case of theft, which will in turn, allow them to focus more on providing great customer service.


  1. Acknowledge every customer in the store


Employees should be trained to greet every customer in the store. By doing this, potential shoplifters will see that they are being carefully watched and will be much less likely to attempt shoplifting. This can be done by acknowledging the customer upon entering the store and periodically asking if they need help finding anything.


  1. Protect your cash register

Businesses in Toronto must consider the most valuable goods available to shoplifters and ensure they implement security systems, which will protect them at all times. The cash register is often the most valuable item in a store, which means an employee should be by the cash register at all times.


  1. Schedule multiple employees to work at once


Security camera installation will help identify thieves after they have left the store, however, there is no more efficient way to deal with shoplifters than to catch them in the act. Ensuring that multiple employees are circulating the premises at all times will help prevent theft, and flag employees that may be stealing at work. The cost of extra labour will be well worth it when profit loss starts to decrease.


  1. Train employees to report their coworkers

As much as business owners would like to trust the people they hire, the culprits in ongoing shoplifting can often be the employees themselves. This can create an awkward situation for employees who may want to inform the owner but are afraid of creating tension. Employees should be assured that they can report theft without their identities or details of what was said being involved. This will make employees feel more comfortable, and more likely to come forward when shoplifting occurs.


Lynden Security Systems Can Help

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