5 Reasons to Install Access Control Systems for Commercial Premises in the GTA

5 Reasons to Install Access Control Systems for Commercial Premises in the GTA

Commercial buildings must be protected by the latest in access control technology. Our team at Lynden Security has decades of experience in this area of the industry, and we can help guide you on access control solutions and their advantages.

For further information, in this latest post, we’ll explore five reasons to install access control systems for commercial premises.

1.) Employee Safety

In sensitive areas of the organization, access control systems offer security for commercial premises. They help ensure that only authorized personal can gain access to the building and can keep the flow of traffic to a minimum. This means that personnel authorized to work in protected spaces have complete security and working autonomy.

2.) Achieve Quick Access Changes

Flexibility is a significant benefit of the latest access control systems. And companies can use the technology to quickly change who has access to specific building areas. This means that if, for example, an employee is removed from a position within the firm, they can be quickly prevented from entering the building again in the near future.


3.) Maintain Strict Access Schedules

By maintaining strict access schedules in their company areas, organizations can then ensure that their buildings are secure around the clock. For example, in an area where cash is stored, they might keep the area locked throughout the day and open for authorized security personnel during the evening when deposits are made. The latest access control technology helps ensure that assets are protected around the clock.

4.) Minimize Lock-Changing Expenses

Locks have to be changed when an employee is removed from the company. But with access control systems, these locks can be automatically changed. And any fobs given out can be quickly disabled by the access manager if required, and so companies don’t need to spend resources and time changing the clocks and organizing their security systems once again.

5.) Build Steadfast Record Keeping

With the use of the latest access control systems for commercial premises, a log is kept of all those who enter and leave the building. The time of their movements is recorded by the system, also. This is critical in investigating security incidents and can help companies mitigate future issues with theft, lateness, and other factors that influence productivity and profits.

Our experts are here to guide you in creating a custom access control solution for your business. To learn more, contact us today for a consultation.