4 Reasons for Getting Commercial Video Surveillance in the GTA

4 Reasons for Getting Commercial Video Surveillance in the GTA

One of the leading challenges business leaders throughout the marketplace face is trying to protect their business and its employees against theft and other security issues. It’s the reason that leaders are now taking a proactive stance on security by getting the latest commercial video surveillance systems installed in their facilities within the GTA

In this latest post, we’ll explore more on the reasons for getting quality commercial video surveillance technology installed.

Analyze Workers’ Compensation Claims

A rarely discussed benefit of getting commercial video surveillance technology installed is that it can help companies mitigate the damage from workers’ compensation claims. Reviewing video of an incident via video can help companies reduce the potential for fraudulent claims being made within the organization. Video systems can showcase events exactly as they occurred, helping protect firms and their workforce.

Boost Customer Service

  • By learning more on the types of customer service challenges they face on a day-to-day basis, companies can improve upon their relationship with their clientele. A commercial video surveillance system has significant intrinsic value in this regard, as it details all events that take place within the business.


  • This means that, if, for example, a customer is left waiting for several minutes as they wait to speak with an employee, the company can analyze the problem and take on corrective action. Video systems help companies improve their scheduling and minimize customer service issues in then long-term.

Prevent Theft

Theft is a common problem for small businesses. And for those just getting started within their industry, it can be a problem that causes significant financial loss. Deploying a high performance commercial video infrastructure can help to catch thieves and ensure they’re prosecuted so they’re unable to impact the business again. This can also be important in catching employees who might be stealing from the company.

Reduce Safety Problems

Having safety officer review commercial video surveillance footage regularly can help companies establish techniques to protect their workforce. Unsafe use of items such as ladders and cooking equipment can be prevented and companies can maintain the ideal environment for employee safety.

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