10 Tips to Protect Your Home Against Burglars While You’re Away for March Break Vacation

10 Tips to Protect Your Home Against Burglars While You’re Away for March Break Vacation

As February creeps, closer, more and more Canadians are dreaming of the warm weather to come, and have already begun planning their March Break Vacations. Before you head out for some much earned R&R, while Lynden Security Systems always advises having a residential alarm system in place, try these easy tips to help keep burglars away from your home.

1. Lock Your Doors - If you have recently purchased a new home, it may be a good idea to replace the locks before you take a vacation to make sure there is not a spare key floating around unknown to you. 

2. Keep Windows Closed and Locked - Unlocked or open windows, particularly those that are not in the line of sight of neighboring homes, are the ideal points of entry for burglars. Before you leave make sure every window is properly shut and locked. 

3. Keep Front Entry Area Clear - Tall potted plants, banners, bushes and other large decorative items placed around the front door area can create great hiding places for someone who wants to pick your lock and enter uninvited and unseen. 

4. Set Timers to Turn the Indoor Lights on and Off - Often, burglars observe homes carefully over the course of a few days to ensure the building is actually empty. Setting a timer that will turn your indoor lights on and off at certain times can give the illusion that someone is home, and the burglars are less likely to target your house. 

5. Close Curtains and Blinds - Open curtains or blinds are basically an invitation to gaze into the home on the other side, and see the valuable electronics, collectibles, or other items of worth. 

6. Install a Motion Sensing Outdoor Light - Doing so makes it harder for someone to sneak up undetected. Even when no one is home, burglars are less likely to risk an attempt in a brightly lit area.

7. Get a House Sitter - An over flowing mailbox is a sure sign that no one is home and will not likely be back for a while. Have someone come by and gather the post regularly. 

8. Place a Temporary Hold on Your Paper Delivery - As with your mail, you should have someone either gather your daily paper or simply contact the provider and have them hold your service until you return.

9. Keep Your Plans Off Social Media - While it may be tempting to brag about your great March Break plans, doing so before you leave lets others know your home is empty.

10. Install Residential Alarm Systems – As mentioned earlier, for optimal security while away, hire a company that installs and monitors residential alarm systems.

To learn more ways to keep your home safe while away or to request information regarding residential alarm systems, please contact the experts at Lynden Security Systems today.