Security Systems for Home and Business



    Home Alarms Systems

    Home Security Alarm Systems are a group of electronic devices that detect intrusions and attempted intrusions into a protected premise. All devices are connected to a main control panel. The devices when detecting an intrusion may also activate a sound siren device. An Alarm system may be “monitored” which means it will send signals to a monitoring station or it may be “local” meaning that only a sound device (siren) on site is activated. To be monitored, the system must be connected to an analog land line or equipped with radio backup or internet module. A monthly fee applies to monitored systems. Lynden Security ensures that homes across Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington are supplied with the very latest home surveillance and security alarm systems at industry-low pricing. Contact us at 1-877-459-6336 or visit our online form.

    home alarm system in Toronto can include a variety of devices to detect a wide variety of conditions other than intrusion such as:

    • Temperature (low and high)
    • Fire
    • Water Level
    • CO and natural gas presence
    • Sewage Ejector level

    Wireless Alarm Systems

    Lynden Security installs wired-in or Wireless Security Alarm systems according to your specific requirements. Wireless home alarm systems and devices are used in installations where wiring access is limited. Wireless devices require periodic battery replacements. A wireless alarm system for Toronto homes may be monitored when connected to an analog land line or via radio backup module or internet module. A monthly fee applies to monitored systems



    24-hour ULC monitoring service is available at a competitive monthly rate which varies according to which means the system uses to communicate signals to the monitoring station, “digitally” through the analog land line or “Radio backup” through the cellular network or internet. Upon the monitoring station receiving a signal from the alarm system, the operator will alert an agency or responsible person(s) according to the instructions on the account. Agency response (Police, Ambulance, Fire Department or Guard) are available but user fees and registrations are in effect for most regions.

    Lynden Security can provide home security monitoring service in Toronto for your existing alarm system.

  • radio alarm

    Radio Backup

    Radio Backup uses either the cellular network or the internet as a means of sending an alarm signal to the monitoring station. There are a number of devices or modules that may be added to the alarm system such as GSM, Uplink, IP Datatel or Telguard. These devices can be used as the sole means OF communicating alarm signals or they can be used as a back up to the signal communication through the analog land line (digital) . Monitoring a system via Radio communication costs a little more than standard digital communication.


    Medical Alarms

    In an emergency it’s important to be able to get the help you need quickly. A medical alarm pendant, when pressed, will allow a signal to be sent to the monitoring station and two-way communication ensures that the correct help is contacted.

    LifeSentry by LogicMark includes a Base station and a tiny two-way voice communication pendant that can be worn even in the shower. With the push of one button, you can call for help and explain the nature of the emergency. LifeSentry has full house coverage and signals may be transmitted from the pendent hundreds of feet away from the base station. The base station must be connected to a working analog phone line and monthly monitoring fees apply.

  • Interactive

    Integration is the interconnection of various functions in your home, managed under one platform. Using your smart phone and the internet, you would be able to control your heating, your home security alarm system, lighting and many other house functions, which would be all connected to one hub. Integration provides a Toronto homeowner with comfort, convenience, added security and control.