Security Systems for Home and Business


  • Watch your Toronto business from anywhere, anytime.

    Advantages of our Business Surveillance and Security Camera Systems:

    • Monitor activity at shift changes, exit/entry doors, server & stock rooms, point-of-sale
    • Provides a safe environment for employees
    • Encourages integrity
    • Follow up after an alarm signal is received
    • Helps to deter theft and vandalism – inside and outside
    • Helps you keep in touch visually when you are out-of town
  • Types of Business Security System Cameras:


    Dome cameras are very common due to their versatility. They can be installed on a wall, or ceiling and they are the least able to be tampered with. A dome camera may be provided with either a wide-angle lens or a telephoto lens depending on the purpose of the camera in the particular location. Dome cameras have IR for night viewing.


    Bullet Cameras can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. They are cost effective, can be easily aimed and can be installed for indoor or outdoor security surveillance. IR Bullet cameras are most effective for nighttime viewing.


    IP Cameras are more costly per camera but they provide a very high definition picture compared to analog cameras. There is no limit to the number of cameras that can be on a network which is great in terms of adding to an existing system. IP cameras are connected to an NVR if recording is required. IP cameras may be integrated on a system with analog cameras and must be connected to a TVI DVR.

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    Because Covert cameras come in many different forms, there is always one that will meet your requirement and blend in with your surroundings. They are for indoor use. Covert Cameras can be disguised as various indoor fixtures such as motion or smoke detectors, and sprinkler heads. Motion Detector (PIR) coverts have invisible IR which helps them stay concealed while still functional in the dark. Also available are “Pinhole” cameras which can be mounted and hidden within at item in the premises.


    Pan, tilt, zoom (motorized) cameras allow you to aim them where you would like using your mouse and computer. They can also be set for Auto Panning. Good for large outside areas.

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