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Business Alarm Systems

  • Alarm Systems

    Business Alarm Systems are electronic devices, connected to a main controller that detects intrusion into a protected premises.The system may be monitored by a central station via analog phone line or Wireless radio, or internet module. A system may be a local alarm which will sound a siren on the premises only. Lynden Security ensures that businesses across Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington are supplied with the very latest commercial surveillance and security alarm systems at industry-low pricing. Call us at 1-877-459-6336 or visit our online form.

    An alarm system can include a wide variety of devices to detect a wide variety of conditions other than intrusion, such as:

    • Temperature (high & low)
    • Fire
    • Water Level
    • Sprinkler System Activation
    • CO and natural gas presence
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    Monitoring Service

    • 24-hour ULC monitoring to new and existing commercial alarm systems at competitive prices
    • System requires analog communication line or cellular (Radio) backup module or internet module
    • VOIP is not a consistent or reliable communication method for alarm signals
    • Most police regions require Alarm registrations and fees are charged for dispatches
    • Guard response is available as an alternative response agent, fees apply.

    Lynden Security can design the right alarm system for your business.



    Integrate Access control with the alarm system. With the swipe of a fob, the door may be locked and the alarm system armed. Software allows you to track and update the users and door activity.

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    Radio Backup

    Radio Backup uses either the cellular network or the internet as a means of sending an alarm signal to the monitoring station. There are a number of devices or modules that may be added to the alarm system such as GSM, Uplink, IP Datatel or Telguard. These devices can be used as the sole means of communicating alarm signals or they can be used as a back up to the signal communication through the analog land line (digital). Radio communication costs a little more than standard digital communication.

  • Interactive

    Newer systems can be upgraded with the addition of an Interactive Module which will allow the user to remotely control the alarm system and other functions on the premises via the internet and a smart phone.