Security Systems for Home and Business

Commercial Security Systems from Lynden Security Systems

Security for your commercial space is essential to your peace-of mind as a business owner. There are different types of business security systems to suit your specific requirements, environment and budget in the GTA.

  • Business Alarm Systems

    Protect your commercial property with a monitored Alarm System from Lynden Security.  We provide quality installations by experienced technicians at competitive prices.   We are committed to delivering reliable systems with friendly customer service.   Low monthly fee for monitoring applies.

  • Card Access Control

    Card Access Control provides you with the ability to control access to various areas of your workplace.  You can control who has access to where and during what hours.  It can work in conjunction with the alarm system so that certain users will have the ability to arm and disarm with their swipe card or fob.  Access control gives you the flexibility to change access for an individual within minutes.  No more costly re-keying of doors.


    Business Security Camera Systems

    Keep an eye on your premises even when you’re not on site.  View recorded activity at a later date or view in real time over the Internet, remotely.    Cameras systems are beneficial to a business in terms of employee safety, honesty, attendance, inventory protection, harassment and premises security.  Cameras are great for alarm signal verification

  • GPS Tracking for Commercial Vehicles

    Do you know where your company vehicles are?  Keep track of them with U-TRAQ by Uplink.  Easy to install, it sends a signal every 5 minutes and every time the vehicle stops.  You can search for the location of a vehicle anywhere in North America and get an accurate location reading.  Low monthly fee applies.


    Cabling:  Although cabling does not really fall into the category of security, Lynden Security installs cabling for internet, audio, phone systems and more.