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6 Pros and Cons of Wireless Business Alarm Systems in the GTA

Investing in business alarm systems in the GTA is one of the best things a business owner can do to help protect their assets. A wireless system is just one way to do this. Here are the most common pros and cons of wireless alarm systems for businesses. Read More

Tips for Getting the Best Commercial Alarm Systems

There are plenty of business alarm system options on the market, and they’re all a little different. How do you pick the one that’s right for your business? Read More

Know What You Need Before Investing in Home Alarm Systems

There’s really no reason not to invest in a home security system. Home alarm systems are affordable, non-intrusive, and provide significant security for yourself, your family, and your possessions. In uncertain times, home alarm systems deliver substantial peace of mind along with their more practical benefits. Read More

Smartphone App Takes Home Alarm Systems and Security to The Next Level

Home alarm systems have come a long way and are constantly being enhanced thanks to technological improvements. The latest advancements in home alarm systems include the development of smartphone apps that control your entire alarm system through a single interface. Read More

Toronto Home Security Systems: Why Summer Is a Great Time to Invest

Protecting your home isn’t just about your possessions, it’s also about providing you with peace of mind and letting you rid yourself of worries while you’re inside and outside of your home. Now that summer is just around the corner, so is peak burglary season, making it a better time than ever to invest in Toronto home security systems. Our experts at Lynden Security. explore their benefits in our article below. Read More

Things to consider when you shop for a Security Alarm System in Toronto – Part 1

Keeping your family and business safe comes with a multitude of options to choose from. The wide selection of equipment used in security alarm systems in Toronto can be overwhelming if you do not know what you need – not to mention the service options offered by security monitoring companies such as Lynden Security Systems Inc. Before you dive into contracts and monitoring services, you need to figure out which type of equipment fits your lifestyle and budget. Here are a few things to consider while shopping for your new security system.Read More

Things to consider when you shop for a Security Alarm System in Toronto – Part 2

When looking for security alarm systems in Toronto, you need to look beyond the equipment and figure out what type of service you expect. As with the equipment, service levels can be tailored to your business, family needs, and insurer requirements. Here are some of the things you should consider when looking into service levels.Read More

Security Alarm Systems for Businesses

Three Benefits to Using Integrated Security Alarm Systems for Businesses
Protecting your assets is a vital part of operating a successful business, and steps to protect both physical and intellectual assets should be used throughout the day to day operation of your business.  Lynden Security Systems Inc. has been a family run Canadian business since 1979, and understands the needs of its customers, by offering competitive prices and options for protecting your business. Read More